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Friday, February 20, 2015

Captcha Write Earning

Dear users / friends
Let's share To welcome how 2Captcha helps and change your  life by Captcha write earning.
Write an hour and a half at 2Captcha a day. This gives you about $0.5 which sums up to 3-3.5 $ by the end of the week. I have referrals. Sometimes they work, sometimes they 10% from their earnings daily as additional income.


Tell us your story!
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How does 2Captcha help you in life?

Payments: terms and conditions:
As you know, we have 3 ways to withdraw money from accounts:

1. WebMoney
2. Pay Pal
3. Payza

we'd value-added instant payments for WebMoney. after you request payout from 2Captcha, it takes 5-10 minutes to enter cash to your WMZ purse. there's no comission and the minimam quantity to withdraw is 0.50$.

Unfortunately, able to not connect instant payments for Pay Pal and Payza to 2Captcha, thus we have a tendency to forced to create all transactions manually. Of cource, it takes longer to interact all payments: concerning 2-4 days.

It's important, that we do not make any payments on weekends. If you withdraw money on Thursday, you'll receive it at term from Monday to Wednesday next week.
Pay Pal also don't assign comission.The minimal amount to withdraw is 5$.
Payza assign comition only if you withdraw more than 400$ per month or 2000$ altogether. The minimal payout is 1$.